Friday Harbor FAQ

Are there restaurants within walking distance?
Yes, there are many restaurants nearby. We have a book in the Parlor containing many menus and guest comments from restaurants on the Island.

What ferry do I take, how much does the ferry cost, can I get a reservation and how early do I need to arrive for a specific sailing?
  • You need to take a ferry from Anacortes, WA that goes to Friday Harbor. There are some departures that have intermediate stops at other islands and some that are nonstop. You should check and double-check to make sure the ferry you want actually goes from Anacortes to Friday Harbor. Up-to date schedules are posted on the Washington State ferry website at Schedules change each quarter so be sure to use the schedule coordinated with your trip.
  • If you are coming from Vancouver Island, the Washington State Ferry to Friday Harbor departs from Sydney, BC.
  • The ferry fares vary depending on many factors,such as size of vehicle, number of occupants, etc. You should check for current information on the Washington State ferry website at ALL FERRY FARES ARE ROUND TRIP, so you only need to pay once in Anacortes.
  • Reservations are strongly recommended to or from Anacortes as well as Sydney, BC. and can be made from the ferry website.
  • As for wait times, etc. we suggest you also get this up-to-date information from the ferry website.

We're flying into Seattle and don't want to rent a car. How can we get to Friday Harbor?
You have several options:
  • You can fly from Seattle to Friday Harbor on Kenmore Air Departures are from several locations in the Seattle area.
  • You can come up on the once-a-day Island Airporter shuttle which runs directly between SeaTac airport and Friday Harbor
  • You can come up on the shuttle that runs from SeaTac and downtown Seattle to the ferry terminal in Anacortes and walk on the ferry.
  • You can come up by boat on the Victoria Clipper which runs from Seattle to Friday Harbor

Can we rent a car in Friday Harbor?
M&W Auto Sales ( has rental cars in Friday Harbor for the day, week or month. Rates are very affordable and they will deliver the car to the Kirk House when you are ready for it. They can be reached at 1-800-323-6037. Susie's Mopeds ( has Mopeds, Scoot Coupes, and other modes of transportation for rent. They can be reached at 800-532-0087. It is advisable to contact them before you arrive on the island to make arrangements for a rental.